1. klinkt als eeen heeeel fijn product! liefs x

  2. The only product I use from Aussie is the volume shampo and i have noticed that my hair lasts less days cleaned that with another shampoos i've tried. To give volume to my hair i use the osis voluminizing hair spray by schwarzkopf. I use it when my hair is wet before dry it. It gives me volume and doesn't live my hair greasy.


  3. This sounds really wonderful. It's great that you are taking such good care of your hair :)

  4. I've heard so many good reviews about Aussie, I think it's time I bit the bullet and purchased a product. Loved your review !

    I would love if you checked out my blog, I've just posted a new post.
    Marcia Ventura

  5. Great review :)

  6. Aussie products are soo great! I think I really need that! If you have thick hair you use mousse or cream so :)


  7. I love Aussie product. I haven't used them in a few month now.

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Thanks so much for all your lovely comments :) Stay beautiful! xoxo